Monday, October 24, 2011

Be careful the company you keep!!!

Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.
~W. Clement Stone


  1. 'This quote is simply saying your surroundings can change you in many ways. Many people don't even recognize they've changed. People have let their surroundings build them up to where they are today. Like if you surround yourself with criminals ,your most likely to be a criminal as well. This is why you should be very precocious when choosing friends. However you can put yourself with a group of positive people and change for the better. Your surroundings represent you!

    #Period 2
    ‘Eric Scott

  2. Basically this quote is saying that whosoever you hang around or whatever environment you hang out in... it is most likely that you will be influenced positively or negatively !If you hang around negative people and also an negative environment most likely you are going to act negatively as well... if that means in attitude or behavior wise, but if you hang around positive people you will act positively..... So choose wisely who and where you hang around !

    Ciara Frazier

    Period - 4


  3. -This quote is saying that don't let anything change you. You aré here on this earth for yourself, not to live anyone else's lífe. Friends come and go as they please, who needs them? Never let anyone change the environment you are around. I thing letting someone or something do that is ridiculous. I am independent, i don't need a gang of friends. I'm happy alone and nothing will change that.
    -Endya H.

  4. What does this quote mean to me? This quote is saying be careful of your surroundings. And be mindful of your friends. If you hang with fools, you will become like them. But if you hang with wise people you will strive to be like them. Always watch what you do or say because it will benefit you either positively or negatively in the long run.
    Cherokee Armstrong - 1st Period

  5. In my opinion I think that this quote is trying to portray that decsions are important. I say this because, once decided the type of enviorment that pleases you the most, will determine the rest of your life. If choosen to hang with a positive crew then our life will be affected in a positive manner. If choosen to hang with a crew filled with drama, then your life will too be filled with drama. The same goes for the type of enviorment chosen to live in. If a person chooses to live in a barbaric neighborhood then they will be determined to act in such a manner. I just say be carful who choose to hang with and where you live. It will all effect your life in the end.
    -Jalaya Bryant
    1st hr

  6. I think this quote is tryinq to portray that the things you surround your self around determines who you are. The people that you surround yourself around determines who you are. The quote "birds of a feather flocl together",I think, is a perfect example. Once you decide where you want to spend your life determines your life. The things you surround you self with can be either good or bad. Depending on the decisions you make. The people you choose to hang with also reflects who you are. For example, if you hang around a person who has a bad attitude,people will assume you have one too.
    -Niah Collins
    -4th hr

  7. This qoute has a very strong and confusing meaning. It grabs ones attention quit well. I personally believe this quote means you have total control over your life. Which includes your lifestyle and who you decide to befriend. Whatever decisions you make in your life follows you forever. You will start adapting to the environment you surround yourself around, so be very careful. Also, the people you allow into your life will rub off on you so keep positive people around you at all times, because negativity gets you nowhere. Basically be very cautions of your life and the decision you make.
    -Khandyz Lee
    -period 1*

  8. This quote to me is just saying be careful of your environment because it can help or it can destroy you.I really can relate to this quote because most of everybody in my family has been in the military so they have rubbed off on me in a good way showing me that they have been there once so it can try it to. This quote also means be carful what friends you choose because you can be the nicest person in the world but try to act like your not to fit in.


  9. This quote is telling you to be careful of the people you hang with. If they are people who do bad things, you may began to act like them. Instead, you can be a leader and encorage your friends to do the same. Your environment is your sorrounding. Therefore, if you stay in a negative environment, you might think negative.You should always try to be a postive person no matter where you live. You can also use a negative environment or negative people as a tool to be a very successful person!

    Markcovic Stacy
    3RD Period

  10. I think this quote is saying you need to be careful when you are choosing the people you hang around. It is very important to be careful who you decide to be friends with because your friends reflect the type of person you are. Also it is important to choose the right places to hang out at. Your environment and the company you keep reflect YOU! If you are affiliated with negative people then you will be known as a negative person. Also if you are in a bad place then in a way that makes you a bad person. you should always try to be a positive person!

  11. This quote is sayin dont hang out with the wrong people. If you see the people that you call your friends doing something then just go the other way. Your enviorment is your surrounding. so whenyou go somewhere check your enviorment and make sure its okay and nothing wont happen. Your friends might be negative but you dont have be.
    DeShawn Franklin
    2nd period

  12. There are some people with bad influences in almost everyone's life. You have to be careful who you hang out because if it's the wrong type of people you hang out with then it would have a serious affect on you. If you feel that you aren't in the right environment or you aren't with the right people then find the correct people or environment to have fun with. Each and everyone of us has a place to fit and there is no need to hide in the shadow just find you're right environment and people.

    -Aaramis Hill
    -1st Hour

  13. I believe that this quote is saying that when choosing friends make sure you know who they really are because what you don’t know might affect you. By saying this I mean find out who the people you are considering to be your friends are before actually claiming yourself as their friend. Find out things such as what they have done in the past and what they are doing in the present and how do their actions represent them. Is it in a positive way or in a negative way? Because if it’s in a negative way that causes them to have certain names or perceptions of themselves then you should then make the choice of is this the type of person or people I want to be classified with , and if not then chose to keep it moving. But I also understand that you might want to give them a chance , but by doing that you might actually get a bad reputation for yourself , and in that case yourself is more important than anything or anybody else , because once you have a bad reputation there’s no way to get it back , and is that a risk your willing to take? Because it’s the old saying goes birds of a feather flock together and when you start hanging with people with bad reputations people are going to automatically think that whatever they do you do the same and have the same reputation they do even if you don’t and this will start making people say you do which will cause you to be known as a girl with a bad reputation even if you don’t actually have one because of who you are associated with. Also when you start hanging around a group of a certain type of people some of their ways rub off on you and start to change you. And right along with choosing your friends carefully you must chose your environment carefully because your environment represents who you are , and it can change you just like friends can. Because you are a product of your environment. So choose an environment that will best develop you towards your objective, goals, and dreams in life . By doing this the way to start would be by analyzing the environment you are in now and ask yourself are the things around you helping towards success or are they turning you in the opposite direction by holding you back. These are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to stay on top towards success and not to trash your name and reputation because once it’s gone is gone. So with saying that I believe that the key part to life is analyzing everything from people to places , just analyze everything before you make any decision because it will help us in the long run as a whole . So think before you do and observe before you decide so you will have the upper hand in life and so things won’t have to be so complicated but just easy enough to get you to where you’re heading!
    -Kennedee Gardner☆
    -Period 1♥

  14. I think this quote is stating that you are what you surround yourself with.If you hang around a group of negative kids that have nothing going for themselves chances are their ways will rub off on you.Also your environment have a huge impact on your life.For example if you grow up in a bad neighborhood and see people doing bad things,then more then likey you will too,because that is all you know.

    Nia Carey
    4th Hour

  15. Well what this quote is trying to say surround yourself with positive people. If you don't you would fit that discription eventually. Not being positive or hanging with good people you would by nature adapt to your enviroment. Unless you are strong minded. Like if you start to hang with smart people! Eventually you want to be smart too because why not your friends are doing it. The enviroment can shape you in the same effects as the people you surround yourself with. Either good or bad so you choose. -jordan grady -period 9

  16. What this quote means to me is that the people you surround yourself with will determine your attitude towards life. If you surround yourself with intelligent people that have ambition it will rub off you. If you surround yourself with negative people who don't want to do nothing with their lives, you will do the same. This quote has inspired me to surround myself with positive people who are doing something with their lives. This is my response to this weeks blog.

    -Nehemiah Daniels
    -4th Period

  17. Wherever you are can effect you. You get accustomed to that way of life. It can effect you positive or negatively, so be sure to stay in positive enviornment. People around you can affect you also can affect you. If people around you are being negative, you can also become that way. Stay positive. This quote is saying live above the influence.

    Jonathan Nunn
    Period 1

  18. I believe this quote is simple... watch the company you keep.People have an infulence on our life whether it be good or bad . I personally believe you should accompany people who are a reflection or somewhat like you. Be cautious of where you are or who you're with is a sign of maturity. Choose friends with ambition it will soon be you .. Ambitious

    -Ms.Olivia Griffin
    -Period 1 (:

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  20. This quote means to me if you live in a bad environment you will be shaped as a bad person because of the environment you are in. If you live in a good environment you will be shaped as a good person. My mom used to tell me in high school you are going to make a lot of friends. But you will only have 1 or 2 friends that will stick by your side when the going get tough. If you hang around bad kids sooner or later you'll be just like them. That's why you have to be careful who your friends are and not try to fit in all the time. So be careful who you hang around because everybody is not your friend.
    -thomasc. campbell

  21. This qoute is saying to be careful who you hang around or how you choose your friends. For example, if you hang around people who desire to win. Then some of their will to win will rub off on you. However, if you hang around negative people who always see the negative in life. Then you'll find yourself doing negative things. A man once said that he had two friends, one who was in to school and one that barely showed up. he said he noticed that everytime he was with one who rarely showed up he got in trouble but when he was with the other one he seemed to succeed. He realized if he was going to succeed in life he had get rid of the friend that held him back in life.

    Arthur Haggard, period 3

  22. To me this quote simply means that being around someone or something for so long you can start to adapt to it. For some reason it becomes a learning experience instead of just a friendship. There are so many followers then there are leaders. Meaning when you learn someone else's trait you tend to start acting like them. People need to really realize the definition of what a trait actually mean , it does not mean the same , but means individuality. Once you learn this it won't matter what your environment or who your friends are, because you'll be your own person. And in being your on person many mistakes will be made.

    -Olivia Allen .

  23. - What the quote means to me is that you gotta be care with the environment you choose to stay in because that can determine your behaior . For example if you live in a bad area you start to adapt to it . It's also the same way when you have friends . If you hanq around the wronq crowd you tend to follow after everythinq they do . Which is why its important to have your own mind and to NOT be easily influenced by anythinq or anyone . Soo make the riqht choices && choose wisely with where you qo and the friends you interact with.!
    -Shania_Simone ( Period 2 ]!

  24. This quote means that you become like who you hang around. Or you get comfortable with the things that surround you. Just like the saying you are what you eat, you are who you surround yourself with. Don't get comfortable with your surroundings just because you think you have to. Always strive for better! Be careful of who you hang with. Hang around the people that want you to be somebody. Surround yourself with all positive influences!
    -Niah Collins p.4

  25. The quote is saying be careful who u hang around Mostly Because they can lead you into the wrong path and you can end up some where that wasn't in your future to go many people base there surrounding on like protection,popularity,etc. people think hanging with people that do wrong is good no its not because you can end up dead or in jail ,people that hang around people that's bad that rub off on them and now they acting like a fool too me that the shaping part of the quote they shaping you into something your not so that's what the quote mean too me

    Kendra Sims

  26. The quote is basically saying choose your friends and surroundings carefully. If you know the people you are around isnt up to know good,then its probally wise not to hang around them. Same thing goes for the enviroment, dontbe around a place where you know you will get in trouble. Be a leader and dare to be different. Be around positive people who pushes you to do better. Be around people who has the same mind set as you to do better.

    -LaRon Golden
    *1st Period*

  27. What I Think This Quote Means Is That , Your Community Affects And Shapes You . What Someone Does Around You Affects You Fully . There Actions Correspond With Your Actions . Your Feelings Correspond With Yours . It's Sort Of Like Sayin What Goes Around Comes Back Around . And Be Careful Of Who You Hang With Because If You Hang With Them Too Much You Might Act JUST LIKE THEM .

    Sean Strickland
    3rd Hour

  28. this is saying be careful who you call you friends . people that you cool with are basically backstabbers, when they're not around you, they're talking about you like a "DOGG". Ihat fake acting people . be yourself, GOD made you this way so its up to, to stay that way . People will always be there . So choose your friends wisely SWAGG !

    Kendall Kochese Sims
    3rd period !

  29. This quote is saying that you should choose your friends and environment wisely because it could posibly make you who you are . Most of us fall victim to peer pressure all the time, that could possibly change our perception of our personality. As for your environment it could have the same powerful effects. This type of thing happens to us every now and then, so it's normal and very common.
    -Marcus Johnson
    Period 4